Companion Life Health Plans

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Sage STM

  Plan Brochure
Deductible Options: $250-$7,500
Co-Insurance Options: 50% or 80%
Out of Pocket Max Options: $5,000
Lifetime Maximum Options: $750,000
Doctor Office Visits: $50 Copay*
Specialists Visits: $50 Copay*
Urgent Care Visits: $50 Copay*
Prescriptions: Discount Card
X-Ray, Labs, Imaging: Deductible then Co-Insurance
E.R. and Hospitilization: Deductible then Co-Insurance
Application Fee: $50.00
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*View page 2 of Brochure – $50 Copay for the first 4 visits not subject to the deductible. Visits in excess of the maximum 4 will be subject to Deductible and Coinsurance. Maximum of $1,000 per Coverage Period.